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Who We Are

Sock That! is the brainchild of four entrepreneurs of varying ages and professional backgrounds who have somehow found themselves the co-owners of a customizable sock company. Although none of them are sure how it happened, each share the same important values when it comes to socks.

Our socks are fun, but they’re also made with the highest-quality materials in the market. When you chuck those cheap pair of socks in the wash, your thoughtfully chosen designs fade away into bottom-of-the-wardrobe oblivion. At Sock That!the socks are designed to last a long long time.

The Age of the Sock

21st-century life is all about socks. From high-end fashion to wacky designs in your local second-hand shop, people have gone sock crazy. Sock classics from this innovative age of sock-addiction include pictures of fluffy cats, van Gogh’s The Starry Night, and pineapples.

We noticed this trend, saw that the designs on people’s socks in the office were getting weirder and weirder, and decided to start Sock That!, a company that lets you put your own designs onto high-quality socks. From Toronto, Canada, Sock That! is here to make gift-giving a whole lot easier. Thank us later!

Beyond the Sock

Not only do we make your sock dreams come true, we’re also dedicated to the finer details. The subtle touches. A celebration of the understated sock should also be about love, giving back to people who need it the most, and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This was our business ethos when we founded the company and remains the main driving point of everything we do.

Quality Gifts for Quality Folks

At Sock That! we want to make sure that every sock that arrives at your door is of the highest quality. Sure, your ideal holiday gift for your friend might have a picture of their cat’s face on, but if it’s a low-quality sock it won’t last past the first wash. With our socks we guarantee the cat will be beaming from your friend’s ankles for the rest of time. An ideal gift for even the most discerning sock connoisseur.

Using Socks to Change the World

We’ve been blessed with this chance to provide you with a fine pair of socks. As a big thank you, we work closely with various charity organizations, LGBT communities, as well as local arts and cultural communities. Everyone wins - you give a quality gift, your friend is completely overwhelmed with gratitude, and communities get the help they need to prosper.

Sorted Socks

That’s us! Four entrepreneurs who get really excited about socks, hyped on the idea of community support, and just love knowing that we help make your friends and family smile.

Take a look at our collection and get creative! 😊

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